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Transportation to Alaska is available by most major airlines (Alaska, Northwest, Delta, United) into Anchorage, Ted Stevens International Airport. From there you will need to book a flight direct to Sand Point with Peninsula Airways, (800-448-4226). We will meet you in Sand Point at the Penn Air terminal and fly you direct to Canoe Bay. The flight into Canoe Bay is only about a half hour, but weather and daylight, as well as tides, are issues that we encounter almost daily so we will want to get moving as quickly as possible after you arrive. In Alaska you are not allowed to hunt and fly the same day which is why we want to get you all the way to Canoe Bay your first day. There is a Bed and Breakfast ,as well as the Anchor Inn motel in Sand Point if weather makes it impossible for pick up.

Pack your belongings in soft duffel type bags, no hard suitcases, for ease of travel in small bush planes. Several small soft bags are better than one large one. The weather is very unpredictable here in Alaska, it could be quite warm(40-50) or very cold(below freezing). Please be sure to bring a variety of clothing options, preferably ones you can layer as needed
(fleece/synthetic/wool), to make your adventure as enjoyable as possible.

When planning your trip be sure to give yourself ample time. Alaskan weather is very unpredictable and can cause delays from time to time. Keep in mind, if we dont want to fly, you dont want to fly either. It is a good idea to allow a day in Anchorage at the end of your hunt in case of bad weather and to get your bear hide sealed and ready to ship home.

We will have licenses and tags available for purchase at the lodge at Canoe Bay or you may purchase them in Anchorage at Fred Meyer or online at Alaska Department of Fish and Game. If you choose to do this online please do it well in advance to allow ample time for you to receive your information and tags.

There is a new state requirement for every hunter to go to the ADF&G website and register to hunt Brown Bears in unit 9D, this must be done before you will be legal to hunt.

A 50% deposit is required to hold your dates and hunting preferences. The balance is due 60 days prior to your arrival at Sand Point. All monies are in U.S. funds. Should you find it necessary to cancel your trip, deposit payments are 50% refundable up to 120 days prior to arrival date, and if your cancelled hunt is rebooked a fee of $1000 will be charged. No refunds will be made within 90 days of your arrival date. We recommend trip cancellation insurance, available at most travel agencies or check with your local insurance companies.


Remember to pack light. Keep your baggage under 100 lbs.Here is a recommended list of personal gear you need to bring:

Paperwork, including Drivers license, permit unit 9D, hunt lic and tags. You may purchase your tag at the canoe bay lodge.

Day Pack, waterproofGun(.338mag or Larger) stainless, synthetic stock

Soft gun case, we will leave your hard case in Sand Point.

Ammunition 1-2 boxes

Hunting Knife

Binoculars (High quality)


Waist waders, with booties.

Lightweight, Breathable Hiking Boots

Camp Shoes or Moccasins

Rain gear

Sleeping Bag (-10 rating w/ synthetic filling is preferred)


Flash Light



Toilet and Personal Effects

Two pair of Pants

Socks, synthetic

Two Wool/Chamois or Heavyweight Fleece Shirts

Long Underwear (synthetic, underarmour type)

Pair of Light Gloves and One Pair of Waterproof Gloves

Layered Clothing works great

BYOB (if any)

Jerky for Jeremy ;)


Here is a summary of extra costs which you may encounter:

Non- Resident Hunting License $85

Non- Resident Fishing License $30-125

Brown/Grizzly Bear Tag $500

Air Taxi $750
Round trip, Anchorage-Sand Point-Anchorage

Hotels/Taxi $150-200
(Anchorage-Arrival/Departure/Sand Point)

Packers $200 day

Shipping $150
(Your trophy to Anchorage from Sand Point)

Lodge owners, Big Game Guide Outfitters Jeremy S. Davis and Steve Hakala, have been actively hunting and fishing in Alaska for more than 30 years, and will personally oversee your trip from Sand Point to one of the very best bear hunting areas in the world. Our experienced guides will help you spot, trophy judge, stalk, track, and field dress your trophy animal. Remember, although our success rates are very high, this is not a guaranteed hunt.

"Our goal at Canoe Bay Outfitters is to provide you and your party with a quality hunting experience, giving you the services you need to find the trophies you desire and to give you the support you need for success."

We look forward to your arrival and t
he opportunity you have given us to give you a quality Alaskan Big Game Trophy Hunt.

Best regards and happy hunting!

Steve and Leona HakalaJeremy and Michelle Davis
Owner/Operators Canoe Bay Outfitters, LLC.



Alaska Peninsula has been producing the largest coastal brown bear on the average over the past twenty years (nine to ten foot bears, even some eleven foot monsters). Bears from our camp have ranged from upper 8 foot to 11 1/2 foot in size with an overall average of 9 1/2 feet for many years.

Alaska Department of Fish and Game has designated the Alaska Peninsula (Game Management Unit 9) as a trophy bear area for game management purposes. The goal is to produce bears of the largest possible size for sportsmen. To accomplish this, seasons have been restricted since 1976. Fall hunts take place in October of odd years (i.e., 2005, 2007, 2009 etc.) and spring hunts take place in May of even years (i.e., 2004, 2006, 2008 etc.). The technique has been very successful.

Alaska Peninsula Brown Bear hunts start from the village of Sand Point, Alaska, taking advantage of the support services, maintained airfield, 24-hour weather briefings and the safety and reliability these services provide. From Sand Point, we transport you to our actual bear camp via Cessna 206 or Super Grizzly Cubs (wheels and skis). The main base camp was established 1964 with a comfortable lodge facilities that sleeps 20 people; cabins include, generator power, running water, showers, etc. It is located in Canoe Bay. We also have two spike cabins approximately 15 miles from the main base camp. We also outfitted to set-up tent spike camps on knolls to increase your opportunity to take trophy Brown Bear. We have the largest exclusive area on the Alaskan Peninsula for Brown Bear with more than 30 miles of coastline in prime Brown Bear habitat. The only other hunters you will see is the ones that come to our bear camp.

Like all successful bear hunts, the primary activity in fall or spring is glassing. In October you glass the mountain walls and valley floors for bears feeding on roots or in the salmon streams. We usually see more than 10 bears per day. In spring you hunt by glassing the mountainsides in search of fresh bear track or dens appearing on the snow covered mountains. As the days become longer the bears break out of their dens and move into the valleys in search of feed. Unusual weather can bring the bears out early, or cause them to stay in late so weather is still a factor. Regardless of which period you choose, bear size will remain about the same. We do not encourage you to shoot the first animal you see. You can shoot only one bear every four years, so it might as well be a big one.

Though success on brown bear is over 90%, and many years we have enjoyed 100% success, it's inevitable that occasionally a hunter will go home without a bear. For some it will simply be a matter that they held out for a really large bear, others will not be willing to hunt in bad weather and for a very few the circumstances and game movement just will not falll in their favor. Regardless, occasionally we do have clients go home without the bear they came for.

Most clients are successful within the first 7-9 days of the hunt and there really is no need to commit to the extra expense of a longer stay. If for some reason you do not take your bear in this time frame, you may extend your hunt on a daily basis if your schedule will allow. If you desire a packer, we charge $200/day for a packer.

DATES: SpringMay 10-31; FallOct 1-21.

INCLUDED: Every hunt is complete and includes transportation (from Sand Point to Base Camps and spikes camps and back to Sand Point) in the field, personal guide, all trophy care, camp equipment, and meals. All guiding is 1x1 with highly experienced guides, which insures that the hunt is well organized and the smallest details are taken care of. Our guides are fully licensed and experienced outdoorsmen. They excel in trophy judging and sportsmen and are without a doubt the finest in Alaska. These gentlemen understand that the hunt is to be conducted at your pace, and in a manner that will be enjoyable to you. The high satisfaction experienced by their clients attests to their ability.

Camps are remote, but you will find them comfortable and well supplied with new equipment and an abundance of both food and snacks. Base camp accommodations are comfortable. Some hunts are conducted from base camp by four-wheeler or Jet boat.

Every camp checks in with main camp on a daily basis by aircraft radio or Satellite phone. Each camp is equipped with an Iridium telephone, or aircraft radio for safety and logistical purposes. We also check camps physically every few days so that we can re-supply with food and equipment whenever needed. Transportation between camps is by Super-Cub with wheel/skis, or Cessna 206, ensuring that you have the maximum amount of time for actual hunting. Hunting is conducted on foot from spike camps, regulations are strictly followed, and all hunting is fair chase. You can be proud of the trophy you take.

We are a vendor of Alaskan licenses and tags.

There is no need to purchase tags in advance for specie you may not have time to hunt. Upgrade and purchase tags only when you see there is time and game available. For example, tags for caribou and wolfs are available for fall hunts.

Everything is provided except for your hunting licenses and tags, personal gear, firearms and ammunition. With your permission we will make your task a little easier and purchase your license and tags for you so that they are waiting in camp. Foreign Nationals please note: You now require an import permit to bring your firearms into the USA. It takes about 60 days to obtain the permit, so please plan ahead.

If you have special needs or potential health risks, we want to know, so we can allow for them.

We've flown and hunted these areas for many years. You can be certain that you will be in the best locations possible for the game you are hunting.

WEATHER: Weather on the Peninsula is unpredictable and not guaranteed for either the spring or fall hunting seasons.

It is safe to say that most of the time it is windy and cloudy with rain approximately 50% of the time. Temperatures will range from 25-50 degrees Fahrenheit. But then big bears live where the weather is the worst so it's something everyone tolerates. The worst weather is generally encountered during October when high winds can be a major factor; however, we tend to see more bears in the fall than in the spring. In addition the wind and rain are significantly below fall levels. The liability is that we never know just when the bears may come out of their dens, so patience is a greater factor.


We will flesh and salt the hide in our skinning room, right in Canoe Bay, making it ready for travel as it is dangerous to ship a green hide. This is one thing that we do that not may other operations do and we believe it improves the quality of your hunt and trophy. The airlines will no longer accept the hides as baggage and will require you to ship them as freight. There is a local tanner in Anchorage that will help you with all the necessary paperwork. In the event of an emergency departure trophies left with us will be delivered to the airlines for shipment to the destination of your choice. If you want to take your bear hide and skull with you, youll need to plan at least one day in Anchorage to have the bear hide sealed and contact a taxidermist to tan and ship your bear hide.